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Hitting Video Clips and
Flipbook Swing Analyses

In an effort to better understand what a good major league swing looks like, I have spent a significant amount of time collecting video clips and analyzing the swings and hitting mechanics of the best major league baseball and fast pitch softball players. Most of my clips and flipbook analyses are reserved for my hitting clients. However a few of my flipbooks are available for individual purchase, including...

However, I have made a few clips and flipbooks available to the general public.

Video Clips

It is always helpful to be able to see a swing in motion, and some clips are below.

Andres Torres

One of the bigs raps against Rotational Hitting is that it's only suited for gigantic sluggers. That isn't true, and as proof of that I give you the swing of my top client, Andres Torres...

Albert Pujols

I have spent hundreds of hours studying the swing of Albert Pujols in an effort to understand what makes him such a great hitter.

Classic Swings

These are the swings of some of the best hitters who have ever played the game.

Better Swings

These hitters have some of the better swings that I have seen in prospects and active players.

Flawed Swings

These swings are good examples of some of the flaws that you will see in higher-level hitters.

Flipbook Swing Analyses

Because they are so helpful and valuable, most of my flipbook swing analyses are only available to people who have purchased my Rotational Hitting 101 DVD and/or one of my hitting webbooks. However, I have made a few of my hitting flipbooks available.

HD and 120 FPS Clips

I have in my library a large number of high definition, 60 and 120 Frame Per Second (FPS) video clips like the one I use to explain the anatomy of Albert Pujols' swing that are like the clip below of Joe Thurston.

Joe Thurston

In most cases, these clips are only available to my clients who have purchased one of my hitting DVDs and/or webbooks.

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