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I put this piece together to accompany my June 4, 2018 conversation with the guys at 101 ESPN in St. Louis. We talked about Alex Reyes, his pitching mechanics, and his injury problems...

Chris O'Leary on Alex Reyes

The following are some of my more accurate tweets about Alex Reyes that I have tweeted @thepainguy.

Premature Pronation was my original, and more technical term for what I now call the Tommy John Twist. What's ironic is Jeff Passan pooh-poohed my ideas, and especially the idea that Premature Pronation is bad, in his book The Arm.

Similarly, I've had people come back at me on Twitter and tell me what Alex Reyes does is what they were taught.

That it's textbook pitching mechanics.

I would hope that Alex Reyes' injury problems will start people wondering if the textbook is wrong.

Chris O'Leary Tweet About Alex Reyes
Chris O'Leary Tweet About Alex Reyes

As it turns out, I saw the same pattern -- what I call Flat Arm Syndrome -- in Cardinals pitcher Brad Thompson.

Brad Thompson Pitching Mechanics

Thompson didn't have the Tommy John Twist that Alex Reyes has -- notice how Thompson's thumb is point FORWARD while Reyes' is pointing DOWN -- but he did have the Flat Arm Syndrome and the Timing problem.

Compare what Alex Reyes to what Justin Verlander does. See how JV's pitching arm is UP and not FLAT into foot plant?







Some people say that's inconsequential.

That's JV's just a freak.

I'm not so sure.

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