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About Alex Reyes

As I discuss in my analysis of Alex Reyes' pitching mechanics, Reyes has a serious — but increasingly common — flaw in his arm action that I call the...

Typically, and as it did in Alex Reyes' case, this flaw first gets a pitcher's elbow and then it gets their shoulder.

Increasing numbers of people are hearing about my work and following me on Twitter @thepainguy. What frustrates me is people are still asking members of the establishment if I might be on to something.

I hope my very consistent Tweets about Alex Reyes' prospects make it clear I am.

Why Tweets?

Before I get into what I've Tweeted when, let me explain one thing, first.

Why do I make predictions via tweet?

I tweet predictions because tweets are...

  1. Time-Stamped
  2. Not Editable

While that doesn't silence the haters, it does help reasonable people understand I'm not trying to trick anyone.

May 30,2018

I have followed Alex Reyes around the midwest — watching him rehab in Peoria, Springfield, and Memphis — to see if he made the changes to his pitching mechanics that are necessary to his staying healthy.

I saw no sign that he had, so I said the following about him — in response to all of the happy talk I was hearing — as I watched him as he made his return to the major leagues.

May 2018

And one last May 2018 tweet that comments on a Craig Mish tweet about Alex Reyes. Mish blocked me on Twitter for being too negative.

Winter/Spring 2018

The little I saw of Alex Reyes during Spring Training 2018 didn't make me feel any better.

July 2017

I had concerns about Alex Reyes' pitching mechanics — that he hadn't changed anything — from literally the first pitch he threw during his rehab.

January 2017

As 2017 got started, and I started thinking about Spring Training and the Cardinals. I had been doing a lot of thinking about the Tommy John Twist (aka Premature Pronation) and, looking back at some older photos of Alex Reyes, I started getting increasingly concerned.

On February 15, 2017 it was announced that Alex Reyes needed Tommy John surgery.

It was sadly obvious what was next.

Over the Years

I've been expressing concern about Alex Reyes' pitching mechanics since photos of him started appearing on the Internet.

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