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Student of the game. Troubleshooter by trade. HSSU. College Assistant Coach and Hitting & Pitching Coordinator. Timing & Inverted W. Ted Williams, Mickey Mantle, David Price & Justin Verlander obsessive. Swing coach for MLB hitters. Hitting and Pitching DVDs & eBooks. Lecturer on innovation, entre-preneurship & the elevator pitch. Follow @thepainguy

Andres Torres Home RunIn addition to coaching hitting and pitching at the college level, I  have a number of clients in the major leagues, including two who played on World Series teams. Andres Torres was literally my first client and put up 6.5 fWAR in 2010. He is shown hitting a home run during the 2010 World Series.

Tommy Pham 2015.10.9 Home RunMost recently, I worked with Tommy Pham of the St. Louis Cardinals, shown here hitting a home run to deep left field during Game 1 of the 2015 NLDS.

My approach to developing hitters and pitchers is very simple...

  1. Study the science.
  2. Study the best of the best...
  3. ...using high-speed video.
  4. Look for similarities & patterns.
  5. Teach those similarities & patterns.

Sounds crazy? No? Then you might be interested in my information on hitting and pitching and should consider becoming a client.

The EpidemicThe Epidemic is my ongoing investigation into the root causes of the pitcher injury and tommy john surgery epidemic. It grew out of my efforts to keep my sons and their friends healthy -- and to keep what happened to me from happening to them -- by applying my experience troubleshooting large computer systems to the problem of pitching injuries.

Stephen Strasburg Flat Arm SyndromeThe Inverted W is one of the chief culprits behind the epidemic because it often leads to a Timing problem, and Timing problems -- not arm actions or positions -- are one of the main reasons why pitchers get hurt. For example, Stephen Strasburg's pitching mechanics are problematic not (just) because of his Inverted W, but because his Inverted W predisposes him to a particular type of Timing problem that I call Flat Arm Syndrome.

Dominant and Durable: David PriceDavid Price's pitching mechanics are breathtaking. He is one of a shrinking number of pitchers who still generate velocity in the classic manner; with their entire body and not just their arm. Dominant and Durable: David Price, is a nearly 600 page breakdown of his pitching mechanics. I spent 2015 travelling around the country and collecting 120 fps video clips of David Price's pitching mechanics and assembling them into a exhaustively detailed flipbook analysis of David Price's pitching mechanics.

Major league hitters I have worked with include...

  • Andres Torres (2008-2013)
  • Johnny Giavotella (2010-2015)
  • Mark Trumbo (2014)
  • Tommy Pham (2010-2015)

For parents and coaches of younger baseball and softball players, I have made available, for FREE...

I spend most of my time thinking and writing about two things...

I am also fascinated by the topics of innovation and entrepreneurship -- it's what I do -- and I've written a book on the elevator pitch and am working on a book on innovation.

If you think listening to the baseball establishment is the key to learning how to hit or pitch, think again. Starting with MLB Network and ESPN, and despite all the new video and computer technology that is available, it hasn't significantly changed -- much less improved -- how the game is taught. Instead, the same obviously wrong things are being taught and the same misguided cues are being used by people who could and should know better.

Baseball-wise, I'm nobody. Due to shoulder problems, I never played beyond grade school. What I am is an experienced troubleshooter, teacher, and avid student of the game of baseball. I attend 70+ MLB games per year, film pretty much every pitch or swing with a high-speed camera, and then study and teach off of those clips. Does it work? Ask Andres Torres. He's just one of players I've helped get to, and succeed in, the major leagues.

Jose Fernandez Flat Arm SyndromeA month before his elbow failed, I saw something in Jose Fernandez's pitching mechanics that I believed put his elbow at risk and tweeted my concerns. A month before his shoulder failed, I saw that Jose Fernandez was still doing those same things, and worse, and tweeted my concerns.

In addition to my tweets about Jose Fernandez, I made a number of pitcher injury predictions during 2015.

Nolan Ryan: Dominant and DurableNolan Ryan was one of the most dominant pitchers of all time and maintained that dominance for 27 years. Dominant and Durable: Nolan Ryan is a nearly 700 page, extremely detailed photographic study and analysis of his pitching mechanics.

I am constantly asked if I have any products for younger players. As a result, I have created Hitting & Throwing Basics which is designed to get young baseball and softball players on track and, just importantly, help their parents and coaches keep them from getting off track.

I have long been interested in innovation and entrepreneurship and have worked for a series of software start-ups as a result. Drawing upon these experiences, Elevator Pitch Essentials explains how to get your point across in two minutes or less.

Elevator Pitch ESSENTIALS Home Page

How to Get
Your Point Across in
Two Minutes
or Less

You can buy Elevator Pitch Essentials via my web site or through My Elevator Pitch primer is a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with the concept of an elevator pitch.

I am in the process of writing a second book entitled The Paradox Of Pain that explains the critical -- but too often overlooked -- relationship between pain, change, and innovation.

Why the Brightest Innovations Grow
Out of the Darkest Emotions

The Paradox Of Pain Home Page
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