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David Freese Demonstrating how to keep your Hands Inside the BallHands inside the ball is one of the most commonly used phrases in both baseball and fast-pitch softball. But what does it mean? Actually? The idea of keeping the hands inside the baseball or softball is to swing from the inside out, which maximizes the hitter's ability to Rotate.

Hands Inside the Ball

Why is it important to keep one's hands inside the ball?

Regardless of whether you're talking about baseball or fast pitch softball?

It all comes down to Rotation and maximizing the rate at which it happens.

Spinning Ice Skater

The most widely used — and best — explanation for why it's important for a hitter to keep their hands inside the ball is the spinning ice skater.

If an ice skater wants to maximize the rate at which they rotate, they pull their hands and arms in close to their body.

Hands Inside the Ball

In terms of physics, that changes the Moment of Inertia.

Since Angular Momentum is conserved, the body spins faster.


How does this apply to hitting?

There are two things hitters have to pay attention to.

The Front Elbow and Extension

I was taught to hit the ball at full Extension.

Hands Inside the Ball

George Brett Demonstrating Extension at Contact

It didn't work.

And now, hitters are again being taught to hit the ball with full lead-arm Extension.

While that WILL boost a hitter's power, it will also cost them average by keeping them from keeping their hands inside the ball.

The Real Power V

So how do you keep your hands inside the ball?

Hands Inside the Ball

Joe Mauer

It starts with what I call the Real Power V.

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