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Throwing Mechanics 101 is a short webbook that explains how to teach baseball and softball players how to throw. Throwing Mechanics 101 grew out of the research that I did when putting together my Pitching Mechanics 101 DVD and webook.

Throwing Mechanics 101

My older son wanted to be a pitcher, so I took on the role of pitching coach for his team. What I found in working with him and his friends on their pitching was that the best throwers tend to make the best pitchers. There's (largely) no point in working with a kid on their pitching if you haven't first worked with them on their throwing.

The problem is that the conventional wisdom about proper throwing mechanics and teaching kids how to throw is a mix of good ideas and well-intentioned but problematic cues.

In general, people over-coach arm action and under-coach critical things like footwork.

I have spent the past fifteen years collecting a significant amount of information on the best way to teach kids how to throw. That includes information on...

  • The biggest mistake that throwers make.
  • The keys to throwing well.
  • How to reduce the likelihood of throwing injuries.

This additional information is available in the form of a webbook on my client site that costs just 5.95.

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