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Created 2023.8.25
Last Updated 2023.8.25

Then Father and now Cardinal Timothy Dolan saw and turned a blind eye to my and our sexual abuse, as children, by a fellow priest, in St. Louis in the late 1970s.

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Chris O'Leary's Allegations Regarding Cardinal Timothy Dolan, Immacolata, & Father LeRoy Valentine

I, Chris O'Leary, am alleging that, with respect to Timothy Cardinal Dolan...

Cardinal Timothy Dolan (the Archbishop of New York and potential next POPE) SAW and TURNED A BLIND EYE to at least some of my (and our) sexual abuse, as children, by Father Leroy Valentine at the Church of the Immacolata in (Richmond Heights, Missouri) a suburb of St. Louis (just up the hill from the Galleria Mall, if you know St. Louis) (in the late 1970s/from the Summer of 1977 until the Summer of 1979).

Actions by Valentine, witnessed by then Father Dolan, that included, at least, the Testing, Grooming, Sexual Exploitation, and Sexual Abuse of children.

(If not — I personally have NO memory of Dolan witnessing — the Sexual Assault of children.)

How could Cardinal Dolan have NOT seen what Fr. Valentine was doing to me (and to us) given that…

1. By his own admission, then Father Dolan LIVED and WORKED with Father Valentine at Immacolata for two years (from 1977 until 1979).

2. Much of Fr. Valentine’s abuse, of me and us, took place in the Rectory that Dolan shared with Valentine for two years (from 1977 until 1979), including in the common spaces of the Rectory; the Kitchen, Basement, and TV room.

3. Father Valentine sexually abused children, including me, UPSTAIRS in the rectory, in his room, with the door OPEN and then Father and now Cardinal Timothy Dolan walking around the upstairs of the Rectory.

This information is true and complete, to the best of my knowledge and ability, so help me God.



Christopher Kevin O’Leary
University City, Missouri
August 25, 2023