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An Inconvenient Truth?


One reason why I believe in markets and ordinary people, and not governments and bureaucrats, is that too often governments manipulate information in order to push their agendas.
     The facts be damned.
     The hysteria over global warming is a perfect example of this. I have put together an analysis of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" PDF, which is the bible of the global warming crowd, that exposes a series of tricks that Al Gore uses to make his case more persuasive.
     I assume that some will believe that this kind of deliberately deceptive behavior is excusable and acceptable since Al Gore's intentions are good and his heart is in the right place.

Update 12/14/2009

The recent CRU ClimateGate scandal has shed some light on the things I discussed in my essay, and in particular explain what I saw on the right side of the chart below.

Notice how two values are plotted for many of the years at the right edge of the chart. That reflects the use of the "trick" that was referred to in the CRU e-mails. The use of that "trick" makes the upturn in the chart look much more dramatic than it actually is.

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