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Scap Loading works, but it's not what the best pitchers do.


So what DO they do?

How do they create Resistance and Separation and move Efficiently?

Body Loading

I first started to get the sense that the emperor had no clothes when I looked at this 2012 clip of Justin Verlander.

Justin Verlander Pitching Mechanics

Justin Verlander

What I noticed was what Justin Verlander's Scaps were doing.

Which was nothing.

It then advanced with my efforts to maximize my younger son's velocity, but with the knowledge that Justin Verlander did NOT Scap Load.

So what DID Verlander do?

This Verlander clip gave me some important information...

Justin Verlander Pitching Mechanics

Justin Verlander

...and led me to this picture of Jim Palmer that changed EVERYTHING I thought I knew about Loading and creating Separation.

Jim Palmer Pitching Mechanics

Jim Palmer

Eventually, I saw it.

Thanks to this clip.

Comparison of Nolan Ryan and Mark Prior

Comparison of Nolan Ryan & Mark Prior

Not only are the best pitchers NOT staying Tall, they also aren't creating Restance via Scap Loading.

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