> Press Coverage and Inquires

Press Coverage and Inquiries

I have started getting more and more press coverage for my work, so I have decided to put this page together.


I have been interviewed for and/or have contributed to a number of pieces about baseball, hitting, and/or pitching.

Pitching Mechanics and Injury Pevention

As a result of the numerous, highly accurate, predictions about pitching injuries I have made, I have been interviewed about pitching, quoted in, or my work has been cited in the following pieces...

Sports Junkies Interview Podcasts

Other Radio Interviews/Podcasts



I have been interviewed about hitting for the following pieces...

Hitting and Pitching

I have been interviewed about pitching and hitting for the following pieces...


I have also been interviewed many times by the business press, usually on topics related to my book Elevator Pitch Essentials.


I am available for interviews and can usually handle deadline and short turn-around requests. The best way to contact me is to e-mail me and then text me. It's best to text me before calling because I generally don't answer my phone when I'm writing (and I'm pretty much always writing).

  • 314 four94.1324 (Cell)
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