> O'Leary on The Epidemic

Why can't baseball pitchers stay healthy?

And why are position problems starting to have the same kinds of problems?

Those are the questions people want answered.

And what I've been studying since 2005.

O'Leary on The Epidemic

The injuries of Alex Reyes and Jordan Hicks have spurred me into action; into trying once again to get people talking about the epidemic and trying to solve it.

Executive Summary

You know how baseball pitchers are throwing harder?

That's because they are being taught using a number of NEW shortcuts and tricks that work by overloading the arm. And they DO work. For a while. Until the pitcher's arm breaks.

Meaning the epidemic is a pretty much completely man-made problem.


I've started recording a series of podcasts that discuss the epidemic, what's happening, why, and what to do about it.


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