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While he's been well-protected, Timothy Cardinal Dolan is anything but blameless when it comes to the Catholic Church's sex abuse crisis.

I know and say this from personal experience.

The Sins of Timothy Cardinal Dolan

I've known Timothy Cardinal Dolan since I was a 3rd grader at the Church of the Immacolata in Richmond Heights, MO, a suburb of St. Louis, and Father Timothy Dolan was fresh out of the seminary.


What did Timothy Cardinal Dolan do? Both back then and more recently?


Then Fr. Dolan knew/saw with his own eyes at least testing and grooming if not abuse of me and others by Fr. LeRoy Valentine at the Church of Immacolata. Dolan knew/saw Valentine was having boys over for parties and wrestling. Dolan knew/saw Valentine was taking boys up to his room alone. I and two others -- at least -- can attest to this.


++Dolan was asked to investigate Fr. Valentine and accepted the assignment despite the conflict of interest. And, in early March 2002, ++Dolan immediately, without any investigation, told me nothing happened. That sent me on a 10-year wild goose chase.


1. In 1977 did Valentine say ANYTHING to Msgr Flavin about what he saw Valentine was doing with us?

2. Why didn’t Dolan, after immediately telling me nothing happened in early March 2002, notify me or call me back when Valentine resigned in late March 2002? The two other -- at least -- allegations would have suggested that maybe something had happened.

3. Why did Dolan discard/hide my records after talking to me in early March 2002? As Bishop Rick Stika told me (via tweet that’s still up)? And as ArchStL review team told me in 2011? Here’s the money tweet from Bishop Stika...

Bishop Rick Stika

By way of background, Stika took over for Dolan in early Summer 2002 and went thru the files. My name/info/allegation was NOT in Valentine’s file. That was just a couple months after I came forward in early March 2002. And as the Review Team told me me 2011.

And ArchStL may argue this is why I’m not in the matrix. Because they didn’t know about me. Due to a “clerical error” or whatever.

But they can’t have it both ways. I told them about my Dolan convos in May 2011 and I still didn’t make it into the matrix in 2014.

Which is PERJURY.

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