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Proper Pitching Mechanics

Until 20 years ago or so, "proper pitching mechanics" was under-stood to be those movements that allowed pitchers to throw, with control and command, while minimizing the risk of injury.

Nobody really talked about injuries, but the assumption was that nobody would teach pitching mechanics that significantly raised the risk of injury.

That would be insane.

The problem is everything has changed. Velocity is now the be-all and end-all, such that movements that reduce the risk of elbow and shoulder problems are now labeled as flaws.

Proper Pitching Mechanics

Thus The Epidemic

Proper Pitching Mechanics?

I have moved this piece to my client site and have expanded it into a significantly larger essay called Proper Pitching Mechanics? It is now part of my webbook that discusses the pitcher injury and Tommy John surgery epidemic.

Dominant and Durable

As the parent of two young pitchers, and someone whose baseball career was cut short by a shoulder injury, I looked at what was being sold by the pitching velocity injury and found logical holes big enough to push a batting practice cage through.

In sum, the fact is that every harder thrower doesn't get hurt; the history of baseball is full of pitchers who were both Dominant & Durable. That means pitchers like...

I have spent the past 10 years studying the mechanics of injured pitchers like...

...and identifying the difference between dominant and durable pitchers and pitchers who can't stay healthy. The hope is to identify the -- in my opinion unnecessary -- movement patterns that place them at risk.

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