Pitching Mechanics Analysis
Noah Syndergaard

I was deeply troubled by Noah Syndergaard's pitching mechanics the first time I saw him.

Of course, Noah Syndergaard isn't the only problematic Mets pitcher.

What did I see in the pitching mechanics of Noah Syndergaard and a number of other Mets pitchers?

The Core Problem

As with Matt Harvey's pitching mechanics and Steven Matz's pitching mechanics, Noah Syndergaard has a problem with his...

Instead of being UP at foot plant when his shoulders start rotating, Noah Syndergaard's pitching arm is closer to FLAT.

Noah Syndergaard's Pitching Mechanics

Noah Syndergaard - Flat Arm Syndrome

For obvious reasons, I call that...

My understanding of Timing problems in baseball pitchers led me to say the following immediately before the start in which Noah Syndergaard tore his lat.

I have never been a fan of Noah Syndergaard's pitching mechanics, and have said so consistently on Twitter @thepainguy.

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