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Pitching Mechanics 101

Baseball has a problem.

Pitchers' arms -- and elbows in particular -- are failing at unprecedented and increasing rates.

In my opinion, that is because how we teach pitching -- and, more fundamentally, throwing -- has changed.

For the worse.

There's no question that pitchers at all levels are throwing harder than they ever have. However, the latest research is starting to suggest that these changes to how throwing and pitching are taught is contributing to the rising injury rates to pitchers.

So what can we do about it?

Pitcher Injury Predictions

Since 2006, I have been making predictions about which pitchers I think are more, and less, likely to experience injury problems.

Professional Pitcher Analyses

In order to help people understand how major league pitchers actually throw the ball, I have created a number of analyses of the pitching mechanics of major league baseball pitchers, including...

Research Into Pitching Mechanics

Since 2005, I have been researching the topic of pitching mechanics and how and why pitchers get injured or stay healthy...

Webbooks About Pitching Mechanics

As a result of the research I have done into pitching mechanics, I have put together a number of ebooks, webbooks, and streaming DVDs that discuss the topic of proper pitching mechanics and how to develop them.

The Epidemic

The EpidemicIn an attempt to reverse the trend of rising injuries to pitchers, I have put together a webbook that discusses what I believe are the root causes of the pitcher injury epidemic.

It is called, simply, The Epidemic.

The Epidemic gives my view of what is happening, why, and what coaches, parents, and physicians can do about it.

In order to ensure that everyone who wants to read The Epidemic can do so, rather than charging a fixed amount for it, I have made The Epidemic available via a Pay What You Can pricing model.

That means that everyone can read The Epidemic, regardless of your ability to pay. All I ask is that you remember that I have spent years researching and putting The Epidemic together, and my family and I would appreciate it if you would pay what you can for it.

Throwing Mechanics 101

Throwing Mechanics 101While people can, and often do, go into excruciating detail about pitching mechanics, at the end of the day pitching is just throwing with less margin for error. As a result, the way to learn to pitch well is to learn how to throw well. To that end, I have put together Throwing Mechanics 101, a webbook that explains the keys to teaching throwing.

Pitching Mechanics 101

Finally, just as there are some things a pitcher should do, because they will improve your ability to throw hard and well, there are some things a pitcher should not do because they increase the risk a pitcher will injure himself. Unfortunately, many of these things are taught by many well-meaning, but ill-informed, pitching coaches. Pitching Mechanics 101 discusses what to teach pitchers and, just as importantly, what not to teach pitchers.

Power Pitching Mechanics

Power Pitching MechanicsPower Pitching Mechanics is the ultimate pitching mechanics resource. It is a bundle that gives my clients access to the information contained in The Epidemic, Throwing Mechanics 101, Pitching Mechanics 101. It also provides access to my analyses of the pitching mechanics of the most dominant and durable pitchers of the past 50 years, including FREE access to my in-depth analyses of... well as access to my Pitching Mechanics 101 DVD and MUCH more.

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