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Pitching Mechanics 101

If you are new to my work -- and to my work on pitching in particular -- here are links to, and information about, the work I have done.


I have written a number of essays that discuss proper pitching mechanics. Some of the more important essays I have written are...

   - Death to the Inverted L
   - Death to the Inverted W
   - Death to the Inverted V
   - Hyperabduction
   - Pitching Mechanics 101
   - Proper Pitching Mechanics
   - Proper Throwing Mechanics
   - Pitcher Picks and Pans

Professional Pitcher Analyses

In order to help people understand how major league pitchers actually throw the ball, I have created a number of analyses of the pitching mechanics of major league baseball pitchers.


I have collected a number of still photos that provide examples of different things that pitchers should and shouldn't do.

Dr. Mike Marshall 101

I have spent a lot of time studying the work of Dr. Mike Marshall. As a result, I have put together a piece that explains my current view of the ideas of Dr. Mike Marshall.

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