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The Pitching Mechanic
August 2008

Real-Time Illustrations and Analyses of
Proper and Improper Pitching Mechanics


The Pitching Mechanic - September 2008



Analysis Of The Marshall Pitching Mechanics

People are still very interested in the ideas of Dr. Mike Marshall. As a result, I just completed an analysis of the pitching mechanics that Dr. Mike Marshall advocates.

Marshall Pitching Mechanics

Marshall Pitching Mechanics



Death To The Inverted V!

Today I came across the photo below of Jensen Lewis.

Jensen Lewis

Jensen Lewis' Inverted V

I have now come to the conclusion that this arm action flaw is common enough that I think it deserves its own term.
     As a result, I am christening it the Inverted V.
     I discuss this flaw, and which other pitchers share it, in greater detail in my new essay Death To The Inverted V.



Do Altered Pitching Mechanics Lead To Injuries?

Several times over past few months I have been asked to look at a pitcher who is having injury problems and see if I see any differences in their pitching mechanics that might explain their recent problems.
     Pretty much universally, I don't see any changes in their pitching mechanics.
     That reinforces my sense that in most cases pitchers are injured because their pitching mechanics stay the same -- and were problematic to begin with -- not because their pitching mechanics have changed. I just completed an essay entitled Do Altered Pitching Mechanics Lead To Injuries that addresses this topic in detail.



Joel Zumaya's Timing Problem

Joel Zumaya has recently been having shoulder problems. The root cause of his problems is revealed in the video clip below.

Joel Zumaya

Joel Zumaya

What you see in Frame 32 is significant Hyperabduction. This creates a significant timing problem (aka rushing) such that Joel Zumaya's shoulders start rotating well before his Pitching Arm Side (PAS) forearm is vertical and in the high-cocked position. Notice in Frame 35 how Joel Zumaya's shoulders have rotated 20 or more degrees while his PAS forearm is not yet vertical. This significantly increases the load on both his elbow and his shoulder. See my analysis of the pitching mechanics of Joel Zumaya for more details.



Pitcher Analysis - Anthony Reyes

My Cardinals recently (and finally) traded Anthony Reyes to the Cleveland Indians. In celebration of this, I have put together an analysis of the pitching mechanics of Anthony Reyes. I would be very surprised if the Indians get significant value out of this deal due to Anthony Reyes significant Inverted W and the timing problem it creates.

Anthony Reyes

Anthony Reyes' Timing Problem



Joba Chamberlain's Shoulder

Joba Chamberlain was pulled from the game last night due to stiffness in his right shoulder.

Joba Chamberlain Video Clip

Joba Chamberlain

Based on what I see in the clip above, I don't think this will be a major injury.
     Joba Chamberlain's arm action isn't terrible (though there is some borderline Inverted L) and he doesn't seem to have a timing problem as a result. Of course, he could have developed a timing problem (e.g. rushing) since this clip was taken and/or his conditioning program could suck.
     I think I have a clip from last night's game, so I'll check that and see if I see anything different.



Chris Carpenter's Mechanics - Same Old Same Old

I managed to get some 60FPS video of Chris Carpenter's start on Wednesday against the Braves.
     The good news is that not much has changed. However, the bad news is that not much has changed.

Chris Carpenter Video Clip

Chris Carpenter

Chris Carpenter's pitching mechanics are pretty much exactly what they were before his recent Tommy John surgery. That means that he's got some Inverted L in his arm action (see Frame 37) which creates a timing problem (see Frame 43) which increases the load on both his elbow and shoulder. As a result, I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Chris Carpenter is having shoulder problems in the next couple of years.



Pitcher Analysis - Johan Santana

I recently made a clip of Johan Santana of the Mets. As a result, I have just put together an analysis of the pitching mechanics of Johan Santana. What I see in the clip makes me a bit nervous.

Johan Santana

Johan Santana



Zach Outman's Pitching Mechanics

Over the past year or so I have gotten a lot of requests for a video clip of the pitching mechanics of Josh Outman. While I don't have video of Josh Outman pitching, I do have a video clip of Zach Outman pitching from a couple of years ago (his Senior year in HS).
     The only significant difference is that Zach Outman is a RHP while Josh Outman is a LHP.
     Also, remember that Josh Outman doesn't seem to be using these pitching mechanics any more. Instead, the Phillies changed his pitching mechanics so they are more conventional.

Zach Outman Video Clip Pitching Mechanics

Zach Outman's Pitching Mechanics

In terms of the pitching mechanics I see in the clip above, they aren't as unusual as they first appear.
     While Zach Outman starts out in an an unusual position, which may help to increase his deceptiveness, his arm behaves pretty much conventionally once his shoulders start to rotate.
    I do like the hip/shoulder separation I see in the clip above. I also like how, rather than leaving his Pitching Arm Side (PAS) foot behind on the rubber, Zach Outman's PAS foot is well off the rubber at the release point. That means that his hips are pulling his shoulders through.


The Pitching Mechanic - July 2008

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