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Inverted W Pitching MechanicsThe Inverted W and pitching mechanics are two terms that nobody wants to talk about — at least, not since the publication of Jeff Passan's book The Arm — but that people are still very interested based on how much interest I get in my pieces that address the topic. So I've decided to put together this piece to pull together all the relevant information and pieces.

Inverted W & Pitching Mechanics

What do I mean by the Inverted W?


The Inverted W is defined as bilateral Hyperabduction of the pitcher's arms that creates a Timing problem.

EACH of these elements...

  • Bilateral
  • Hyperabduction
  • Of the pitcher's arms
  • That creates a Timing problem.

... must be present for a pitcher to be at risk.

I mention this, in part, because Chris Sale was an example of a pitcher whose W wasn't as Inverted as it seemed. It wasn't until Sale joined the Red Sox, and boosted his velocity in 2018, that he developed a Timing problem and become a significant injury risk.


Pitchers who made the Inverted W, who had Timing problems, and who were injured as a result include...

  • Mark Prior
  • Anthony Reyes
  • Michael Fulmer

As I mentioned above, Chris Sale is NOT on this list because, during time with the White Sox, he did not Invert enough to develop a (serious) Timing problem.

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